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Outreach and Affiliates

There are great ways to get involved in preserving our natural resources and green spaces and in promoting stewardship and cultivation of the delicious bounty available to everyone, whether your setting is urban or not so much. Willow House is founded on sustainability, and finding balance between humankind and the natural world.  Education and volunteering is a way to express our appreciation of both.

Woodlands Garden​

Woodlands is a local nonprofit and a pillar of grassroots service in Decatur. Preserving and restoring the Georgia woodlands is the core of WHGC's mission, along with supporting education and access to beautiful natural spaces at the local level. 

Dekalb County Master Gardeners

Through intensive training and field service, volunteer assignments and networking, ​the University of Georgia County Extension provides expertise based on current scientific understanding for homeowners, industry professionals, and farmers. Dekalb Master Gardeners dedicate hours of community service throughout the county, in order to preserve natural spaces and educate people about specific ecological resources and strategies that enhance quality of life for our Georgia neighbors, including wildlife, air, water, soil, microbiome, and sustainability.

Glenn Creek Community Garden & Bee-Catur Pollinator Habitat

Located at the corner of North Superior Ave & Willow Lane, Glenn Creek hosts a community vegetable garden and refuge habitat for native pollinator species on reclaimed residential land. Neighbors grow food for various seasons and pitch in to maintain the trails and public space. WHGC maintains a demonstration plot to showcase year-round food production and permaculture strategies.

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

The Callanwolde formal gardens and trails are maintained by a contingent of DeKalb Master Gardeners, headed by Bill Lide and Roger Duvall.  The formal gardens are a seasonal treat with grassy vistas, shady rock gardens, sundials, lush flower beds and formal shrubs. Its trails are an ongoing development of woodland canopy and deep shade, with understory trees and plants native to the Georgia Piedmont woodlands.

Image courtesy of Callanwolde Fine Arts Center.

Peace Garden at Central DeKalb Baha'i Unity Center

Located at the corner of Wesley Chapel and South Hairston Road. Public volunteer programs are available to participate in cultivation, beautification and fellowship in a spirit of appreciation for human collaboration, diversity, social and economic development, local and global peace.

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